Our Privacy Policy

Our number one concern is the protection of our loyal subscriber's information. We maintain a database with all subscriber information which is stored offline and not connected to a network. We only record the names and email addresses our subscribers use when signing up for article alerts.

This information is not sold, traded, or provided to any other business, entity, or person. All information between users and personnel are treated as confidential exchanges. This information includes the names and email addresses provided at sign up.

This website is powered by revenue generated from advertisers. As such, we serve as an affiliate for multiple advertisers. We also sell advertisement locations on the website and specific time blocks during the day to interested advertisers. Temporary cookies for this website and advertisements may be downloaded to the user's browser and/or computer in order to load the webpage faster in the future. Unlike other websites, our cookies DO NOT retrieve any information from your computer or browser.

We are most interested in your satisfaction and not your information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.