Micron (MU) Bottomed Out, 90 Percent Gain On Horizon

By: Chris Guthrie
Published August 26, 2018
11:30 PM GMT

Micron Technology (MU) has been trending down recently while the U.S. markets have been moving up. This activity for Micron is not concerning while this most likely is the result of foreign trade issues which directly impact the company. Micron was due to drop as it completed its upward wave cycle 3 around the end of May 2018. Naturally the stock was heading down while it completed wave cycle 4. This corrective wave has finally completed and the stock is in the early stages of its final rally in line with the U.S. markets. This article outlines our Elliott Wave Theory for this final rally which should surpass the U.S. market rally. The U.S. market rally should end around November 2018 and this is based on our analysis here.

Market top, chart projection

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